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Nintendo Wii Roms - Download Torrent files with wii iso images. Burn Wii ISO to a DVD-R and play on a modded console. Your console has to be chipped with one of the best wii mod chips or it will refuse to boot a backup disc. There are plenty to choose from. Most popular / best are - Cyclowiz, Wii Key, D2CKey, Wi-ic, Wii-Boss, WiiD, DuoWii, InFeCtuS,WiiFree Easy Connect, WiiFree Kit, WiiJii Test Kit, Wiikey, Wiinja, Wiip, WiiReZ, Yowii.

The Opera web browser will be included with Nintendo Wii system.

The web-browser will be saved in Wii's Flash ROM (allowing access within seconds), and will support JavaScript. In addition to functioning as a web browser, Opera on Wii will serve as a layout engine to be used for Web-based applications. Wii - Virtual Console game rom revies and cheat codes.

First party The Legend of Zelda Metroid Pokemon Super Mario WarioWare Animal Crossing Donkey Kong Fire Emblem.
Second party Super Smash Bros. Battalion Wars. Third party Call of Duty Final Fantasy Need for Speed Rayman Resident Evil Sonic the Hedgehog Crystal Chronicles Madden NFL Medal of HonorTony Hawk New titles There will also be all-new, original titles released for Wii, including:Red Steel Wii Sports Disaster: Day of Crisis Elebits Project H.A.M.M.E.R. Wii Music Wii - Tutorials on how to backup dvd games to dvd-r or sd flash.

Wii Mod-Chips CycloWiz and Wiinja

The second Nintendo Wii modchip called CycloWiz has been announced! This is looking a lot better quality solution and has two additional features not found on Wiinja. It claims to boot wii homebrew, but no word on how this is accomplished (most likely you have to make a bootable disc).

CycloWiz Features:

- Quicksolder (no wires required)
- Plays Wii Backups ISOs from DVD-R and DVD+R
- Plays GameCube GC Backups
- Play GameCube GC Homebrew
- Play Imported GameCube GC games JAP EURO USA (swap needed)
- Built-in Audiofix (GC games using streaming are working flawlessly, no patch needed)
- DVD-R /  DVD+R supported
- Optional chip disable wire
- Stealth even when chip is enabled
- Multi-purpose LED

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Nintendo Wii Emulators - console game eumulators running on nWii. Nintendo Wii Remotes - Connect remote to PC. Wii Backups - it looks like we will need to wait until a wii modchip comes out before we can run backups on Nintendo Wii console. Virtual - hopefully with a mod-chip you will be able to trade virtual console rom games on sd cards. Wii ISOs - backup wii games also known as wii iso are already released. Nintendo Wii - Download freeware games for your virtual console. Wii ModChips - Buy Nintendo Wii modchips and wii Action Replay boot discs. Wii Keyboard - WiiBoard Wireless keyboard for Wii and using regular PC keyboard. - NintenWii modchip info portal with price & release date nfo. Nintendo Wii Roms - with Action Replay and an sd card or dvd-r you can run roms on wii in CameCube mode. Nintendo Wii iso torrents